Research articles

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Conference/Seminar Paper 

(2018). ‘Biswa Ijtema and Akheri Munajat: An Anthropological Exploration as  Intangible Cultural Heritage’, International seminar on ‘Heritage of South & South  East Asia: Issues on Musealisation’ under ‘UGC-UPE II Project under focus area :  India Looking East’, Department of Museology, University of Calcutta, Kolkata,  India. 

(2018). ‘Ramifications of political decadence: The rise of extremism in  Bangladesh’, Mahatma Gandhi International Congress on Multidisciplinary Studies,  September 25-28, 2018, New Delhi – INDIA. 

(2014). ‘Changing Nature of Rural Power Structure in Bangladesh: A  Foucauldian Analysis’, First International Conference on Social Sciences and  Humanities, Centre for Social Science and Research (CSSR), Independent University  of Bangladesh (IUB). 

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Anwar Hossain & Ahsan Habib (2014). ‘Changing Gender Relation and End of  Domestic Violence: A Case of Professional Women in Dhaka City’, First International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities, Centre for Social  Science and Research (CSSR), Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB). 

Research (Unpublished) 

1. Plants and Animal Based Therapies in Bangladesh. 

2. Resistance, Regeneration and Reformation of Women: A Study/Review of The Breadwinner 

3. Ramifications of political decadence: the rise of religious extremism in  Bangladesh 

4. Premarital and Extramarital Relationships among the Slum Dwellers  

Working Paper (Unpublished) 

(2019). Mobile Paid Labour in Dhaka City: Livelihood, Problem and Prospects

(2018). Muslims, Emerging Extremism and Crisis of Religious Identity in Bangladesh

(2017). Livelihood Diversification and Social Network among Day Laborers in Dhaka  City in Bangladesh 

(2017). Resistance, regeneration and reformation: A Sociological Review of The  Breadwinner.